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Eagle Rehab Physical Therapy offers rehabilitative services to individuals with a variety of concerns, from the simple ankle injury to chronic spinal pain. The heart of our clinic is our physical therapists, chosen for their dedication to patient care, commitment to customer service, clinical knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to be the provider of choice by exceeding your expectations in patient care.

It is our objective for you to return to the things that you enjoy, whether it’s gardening, golfing, romping with the kids, returning to work or playing professional sports. We will develop an individualized plan of care designed with your specific recovery needs in mind.

Your Choice to go to Physical Therapy

Beginning July 1, 2012 patients in Alabama will no longer need a prescription from their physician to receive physical therapy. After the patient is evaluated, their doctor will be informed of the patient's condition and strategy for recovery. It is absolutely 100% your choice which physical therapy clinic you attend.

Why Eagle Rehab? At Eagle Rehab you are treated by a licensed therapist with each and every treatment, ensuring the quickest, most optimal results. Eagle Rehab is locally owned and operated by physical therapists, not part of a large national chain or a group of investors focused on the “bottom line”. Eagle Rehab is the only Certified Postural Restoration Center in Alabama. What does that mean to you? Quicker Recovery = Less Visits = Less $$$

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